"part of" in MedicationStatement and MedicationAdministration

Why is only Procedure / Medication administration specified as the “partOf” parameter for MedicationAdministration. In this case, Observation and MedicationDispense are specified for the MedicationStatement as the “partOf” parameter.

Is MedicationAdministration not part of MedicationDispense? After all, drugs are also issued to a medical professional who performs MedicationAdministration

We recently reviewed the partOf attribute on MedicationUsage and made some changes. It looks like we need review the partOf attribute for MedicationAdministration too.

Would you be interested in submitting a Jira issue?

good afternoon! thanks for the answer!
I don’t think there is a need to put the submitting in Jira.
I was interested in theoretically why there is a difference in the “partOf” parameter.
it would also be nice to get examples when MedicationUsage and MedicationAdministration are part of other event.