Patient/Newborn's incubator data

Hi everyone!
I’m a little new to FHIR and I was wondering if there is any way to send and store data from a neonatal incubator according the FHIR Resources.
I looked at this topic in which it was suggested to send the data as Observations. But in a neonatal incubator, we collect a lot of information (around 15 data for every 30-50 milliseconds) and I don’t think sending everything individually is a good idea. So I was wondering if there is a way to send all 15 of the data under a same request. Is it possible?


Look at the SampledData data type - it allows you to capture multiple time-based samples from multiple channels in a single Observation.

@lloyd . Thanks for replying so quickly. I honestly didn’t expect such a fast response.

I looked up the Value subsection in Observation, but its cardinality is one, which means only one type (not one data, but one data type) of data can be sent at a time. For example, in a single Observation, I can maybe send the time series data of Spo2 (Oxygen Saturation) as you said earlier. But I wanted to know if I would be able to send around 15 different data types like Humidity, the neonate’s temperature, the air temperature, etc all using a single Observation or any other type of Resource.


If you have an observation code that defines all of those values as channel codes for the overall SampledData structure, you could still pull it off. But you’d have to use a single LOINC or other Observation code.

Oh. Ok.
Then it seems that I have to send separate Observations for each data type.

Thanks for replying. Have a nice day!