PL.5 to location.status

location.status is required code with only 3 possible values : active | suspended | inactive.
PL.5 Location Status is mapped to the location.status mentioned above.
Looking into definition of PL.5 reveals that it might be any arbitrary additional data. It’s hard to believe somebody will ever create vocabulary mapping for arbitrary additional data
that can be translated to 3 possible location.status values : active | suspended | inactive.
Meaning arbitrary additional data that provided in PL.5 most likely doesn’t reflect location.status concept as FHIR defines it .

My point is PL.5 has to be mapped to something else, mapping PL.5 to location.status doesn’t make much sense .

What about operationalStatus which has a preferred binding?
“The operational status covers operation values most relevant to beds (but can also apply to rooms/units/chairs/etc. such as an isolation unit/dialysis chair). This typically covers concepts such as contamination, housekeeping, and other activities like maintenance.”

PL.5 definition: This component specifies the code for the status or availability of the location. For example, it may convey bed status.

Yes, that should work I think. There is one more thing: the status has to be mapped to the correct location. The spec maps PL.5 to any location , no matter what its physicalType . It may mean assigning bed status to building