Practitioner App Launch

I could not find any dedicated documentation related to SMART on FHIR stand alone practitioner(provider) app launch. However, from available documentation I came up with following,

  • The app should launch with SMART on FHIR standalone app launch.
  • The app can request the fhirUser scope to obtain a FHIR resource representation of the practitioner.
  • The app can request launch/practitioner scope to obtain the current practitioners id.
  • The app can use user-level scopes to access FHIR APIs

Are the above steps okay to launch a practitioner app?

Response posted on behalf of Josh Mandel:

You can request the openid and fhirUser scopes If you need to learn the identity of the practitioner who is launching your app. You wouldn’t ask for a “launch/practitioner” scope because that is not defined; rather, you would look inside the ID token you receive upon authorization to find the fhirUser claim. HL7.FHIR.UV.SMART-APP-LAUNCH\App Launch: Scopes and Launch Context - FHIR v4.0.1 provides details.

Hi @lloyd thank you for your reply. A small clarification,

Can’t we extend “launch/” scopes to include launch/practitioner as per

Further response from Josh:
“if you are a implementing your own server you could extend the existing API capabilities to add new launch scopes, indeed. But 1) since this use case is already covered by the standard scopes, this would be a mistake, and 2) from your initial question it sounded like you were building a client not a server.”

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