Practitioner Qualification Code

Is there a latest version of Davinci practitioner.qualification.code in HL7? DDS,DMD,CRNA - missing codevalues , where can I find a complete codeset.

I don’t believe any of the Da Vinci guides have provided required or extensible bindings for qualification.code - they just inherit the provided ‘example’ binding from the base FHIR specification. I.e. there’s no plan, at the moment, for standardization around these codes. If you feel standardization is both necessary and achievable, feel free to submit a change request against the relevant guide(s) - ideally suggesting the code system(s) the codes should be drawn from.

What is the latest codeset available for practitioner.qualification.code then the 2.7

There are a variety of code systems that could be used - v3 codes, SNOMED, various governmental and payer code systems, internal hospital code systems. Right now, the rule is “use whatever you like, or just send text”.