Practitioner school, residency, and fellowship information

Where is the correct place to store a practitioner’s medical school, residency, and fellowship information? The information we have is the name of the school/hospital and the start and end dates (one, both or neither may be present - often neither is present).

One option would be to store it on Practitioner.qualification (as seen in this example from the spec). This seems like it fits the spec since this category is for “Certification, licenses, or training pertaining to the provision of care” and those experiences could be considered trainings.

The other option would be store it on a PractitionerRole that points to the Practitioner resource. We could put the type (fellowship vs residency vs medical school) on the code field, the name on the organization or location field, and the dates on period.

Is one of these preferable over the other?

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Answered here: FHIR Community

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