Practitioner Status

Would like to know whether you will be producing a standard value/code set in future for Practitioner’s “Status” values to indicate if a Practitioner is Active, Inactive, suspended etc

If there was going to be a status, it would probably be on PractitionerRole. Practitioner indicates an individual with a set of credentials - independent of where they’re working. A given credential might be suspended, but the ‘individual’ can’t really be suspended. The only relevant status is whether the record is active or not in the registry that holds it - reflected by the active flag.

For qualifications, rather than handling notions like suspended, the resource simply captures when the credential is valid. If suspended, the valid period ends. If reactivated, there’s a new credential period with a start date.

The same approach is taken with PractitionerRole. Active vs. inactive records are handled with the ‘active’ flag.

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