PractitionerRole specialty code system

For the PractitionerRole specialty, what is the correct code system? Based on the PractitionerRole examples in the official FHIR documentation, we tried using, but when using the official FHIR validator, we are getting the following warning:
ValueSet not found by validator.

Can you share your instance and the full log of the validator console?

Is this what you mean by the validator console logs?

And here is the PractitionerRole instance:

  "resourceType": "PractitionerRole",
      "id": "4e5d21b5-1322-4c90-b66f-f9d563f8bec2",
      "practitioner": {
        "reference": "Practitioner/4e0194d8-03e4-4156-b1d6-5a28ad598be4"
      "specialty": [ {
        "coding": [ {
          "system": "",
          "code": "408443003",
          "display": "General medical practice"
        } ],
        "text": "general-medicine"
      } ],
      "location": [ {
        "reference": "Location/88e72ce8-63d4-495f-95b7-acf2046a9c40"
      } ]

Let me know if you need more info and thanks for the help!

Two issues. One, you’re not declaring the -version parameter, which means your instance is validating against the R5 draft, rather than R4 (as you probably intend). Second, the relevant value set has migrated to, but the R5 resource hasn’t been updated to point to it yet. That will be fixed before the official release of R5 is published.

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Thank you so much, Lloyd! That’s very helpful to know.