Prescribing cares and observations

Which should be the best way for prescribing simple cares or observations?

I mean, for example, “bathing patient in shower (procedure)” every day at 20h and an observation like “Oral temperature taking (procedure)” three times a day.
Could it be two differents procedureRequest for prescribing those procedures, indicating the frequency in the scheduled field?

I’m not sure if procedureRequest is the best way for doing that.
I was studying Careplan but I think it’s a resource too big for one simple prescription.
For now, I’m more interested in the task planning than in responses. I assume responses could be a simple procedure for the first example (hygiene) and a diagnosticReport + Observation for taking temperature.

(Image from DiagnosticReport resource)

Is there any other best way for those prescriptions and responses?

Many thanks

In STU 3, we’ll have an improved ability to use ProcedureRequest to represent plans. If you don’t want to talk about goals, care teams or the relationship between activities, sticking with ProcedureRequest is fine. If you do want to talk about those other things, then I’d lean towards CarePlan.