Pricing of HealthcareService

Where do we have to specify the pricing information about a HealthcareService resource in FHIR?

A HealthCareService represents a generic capacity - e.g. lab, imaging, emergency, pre-natal care, etc. I.e. a high level category of service offered by a specific organization at a specific location. It doesn’t identify a specific costable item (e.g. a specific type of MRI of a specific body part). The latter would be handled by CostItemDefinition.

you mean ChargeItemDefinition? But I could not see any reference of HealthCareService in its schema. For example, if Annual health checkup is a healthcareservice resource, how the fees/charge for that particular service is stored? If ChargeItem is for that purpose, it should have some reference to the healthcareservice resource. Is my understanding right?

An annual health checkup would never be represented as a HealthcareService resource. A HealthcareService instance might say “This site provides primary care services from Kaiser”. HealthcareService does not indicate a specific billable service. It indicates a high-level healthcare capacity (imaging, pediatrics, emergency, psychiatric services) offered at a particular site by a particular organization.

If you’re interested in a resource that describes a possible service that could be billed for, ChargeItemDefinition is all you need.