Profiling - Slicing entries in a Bundle resource


I am quite new to FHIR, and very new to profiling. I am trying to use “Forge” to create a profile for a prescription. The prescription will be built as a Bundle with some meta data and then a collection of Entry elements. I want to restrict the Entry elements, so that there is 1 Patient, 1 Practitioner and 1…* MedicationRequest.
I have sliced the Entry element in Forge and managed to create the 4 specific Entry elements. I want to limit each Entry element’s resource to only contain the Patient, … How can I do that?

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi @Gaston,

Good to hear you are using Forge and building profiles! In order to help you I need a little more information. Because if how I see it now, you are trying to build a profile for prescription and it might be better to use MedicationRequest for this. See the spec:
Here you can also look at available examples.

To answer the question you asked, you can constrain the amount of entries for every slice in the cardinality. If you set this to 1…1, you have to enter at least 1 entry with a maximum of 1 entry.

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