Provider Directory - State License Number

Does anyone have an example of how to include a provider state license number? Should this be shown as a Practitioner.identifier? If so, what is the system uri? OR should this be added as an extension HL7.FHIR.US.DAVINCI-PDEX-PLAN-NET\Practitioner Qualification - FHIR v4.0.1

It could appear in Practitioner.identifier or in Practitioner.qualification.identifier (if there was a need to convey more information about the license). In some cases, it might appear both places.

There will be a different URI for each licensing body in each state - one for every single ‘namespace’ of license identifiers. I’m assuming you’re talking about the U.S.? For that country, I’m not aware if any of these have been formally established yet - you might want to raise the question here: That’s probably the best place to have a discussion about process for establishing them, if nothing else.

In the interim, you can omit the system and just specify the type and use type.text to provide a description of both the type of license and the jurisdiction. It’s not great for computable matching, but it’s good enough for display to other humans.

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Thank you for the fast reply @lloyd. Yes, I am talking about the US and I will post my question on Zulip US Stream - thank you for the suggestion.