Querying all practitioners patients

Hi all,

with my level of FHIR understanding, i come to a problem when tried to query all practitioners patients.
Can anyone explain how to do this efficiently on fhir api with paging?

Currently, i am querying all practitioners encounters and patiens are in INCLUDE portion of bundle, which is not pageable.

Thanks in advance,

There are a variety of ways that a Patient can be linked to a Practitioner:

  • They might be referenced via Patient.generalPractitioner, in which case you can just query
  • They might be part of the Patient’s CareTeam, in which case you would query
  • They might be practitioners that were involved in Encounters that had a subject of the patient:
  • The Patients associated with the Practitioner might also be managed using a List resource:

Note: the above gets messier if the CareTeam, Encounter and/or List point to PractitionerRole rather than Practitioner - you might have to list all of the options - e.g. Practitioner/123,PractitionerRole/456,PractitionerRole/789,...

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