Querying all practitioners patients

Hi all,

with my level of FHIR understanding, i come to a problem when tried to query all practitioners patients.
Can anyone explain how to do this efficiently on fhir api with paging?

Currently, i am querying all practitioners encounters and patiens are in INCLUDE portion of bundle, which is not pageable.

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There are a variety of ways that a Patient can be linked to a Practitioner:

  • They might be referenced via Patient.generalPractitioner, in which case you can just query
  • They might be part of the Patient’s CareTeam, in which case you would query
  • They might be practitioners that were involved in Encounters that had a subject of the patient:
  • The Patients associated with the Practitioner might also be managed using a List resource:

Note: the above gets messier if the CareTeam, Encounter and/or List point to PractitionerRole rather than Practitioner - you might have to list all of the options - e.g. Practitioner/123,PractitionerRole/456,PractitionerRole/789,...

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Hi lloyd,

What’s the way correct to get list Patient through specific Organization using Organization Id?

Do you want the Organization that owns that particular patient record or are you looking for some sort of other organizational relationship?

Hi @lloyd

I just need all Patients belong to the Organization. I don’t know about relationship, because I just research FHIR. This is chart relationship. Can you depend on here to explain for me ?

There are lots of ways an Organization can be associated with a Patient:

  • They could be listed as one of the General Practitioners for the Patient
  • They could be listed as part of the Patient’s CareTeam
  • They could be an organization tied to one or more of the Patient’s Encounters
  • They could be a payer for one or more of the Patient’s Coverages

There are possibly other relationships too. In order to answer your question, you need to understand what the linkage from Organization to Patient in your diagram means.