Question on ProcedureRequest resource

From reading the ProcedureRequest it looks like it is a resource that is used for both a Procedure and Lab Order. I’m interested in representing a Lab Order. If the physician orders multiple tests like Glucose, Lipid, CBC etc( as part of say a physicial exam ), how are the Lab Tests themselves coded? I see a ‘code’ property that has a cardinality of 1. Does that mean I have to create a separate ProcedureRequest for every test that is ordered? Or is there a better resource to represent Lab Orders?

Thanks in advance,

Yes - you need a separate request for each test. The reason is that status can be managed differently for each test. The doctor can choose to cancel one of the tests, or the lab might complete 3 of the 4, but the remaining one needs to go somewhere else and isn’t completed for a few weeks. You can link together all of the tests ordered as part of a single “unit” using the ProcedureRequest.requisition element. (You would do the same sort of thing with a MedicationRequest where a single ‘prescription’ contains orders for multiple medications.)