Question regarding other Misc products that may not be Medications


I am looking to identify a FHIR resource where I can capture misc products that may not be Medications.

Following are some of the examples other Misc products that may not be Medications -
These may not have NDC (National Drug Codes associated)

  1. Drug Supplements that may not have a coding sets that are available over the counter
  2. Hand sanitizer
  3. Wipes

Any guidance on this greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  • Shalini Rudrapatna

Having an NDC code isn’t necessary for something to be considered a drug. The question is whether it’s used and applied in the same manner as a medication or behaves more like a device. I would say drug supplements and even hand sanitizer fit in the same space as medications - they are consumed in their use, and they are ingested or topically applied with the intention of changing the physiologic state of the subject. Wipes probably fit more in the space of a device, specifically a single-use device.