Question(s) about key value pairs in the FHIR Resource Profile Files

Hello! I had a few questions about the profile files. The profile files I’m referring to live in, and the version I’m currently looking at is 4.0.1.

  • What is the difference between "path" and "base" : {"path" : }? It would be helpful to have formal definitions of both.

  • What are the key value pairs in

"extension" : [{
      "url" : "",
      "valueString" : "ServiceProduct"

used for? This “extension” key is within “binding”. (I linked a specific example but I’m asking about what the key value pairs are / do for all the elements defined in this profile file).

  • Is the information in the “constraint” key value pair used only when the resource is extended? When would I use this information?

Thank you!

It looks like you should read the documentation here:

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An example might help. A profile might have an ElementDefinition.path of Observation.code.coding.system. The ElementDefinition.basePath would be Coding.system - as that’s the path of the base element. If that helps, you might propose a change request to update the existing documentation to add an example.

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