Questionnaire using enabledWhen

I’m just starting with FHIR, currently I’m mapping our Oracle database to FHIR resources.

Our system will have many Questionnaires (one per drug). The questionnaires will be dynamic (based on answers more questions may appear to the user).

I’m curious what experience people have had implementing the Questionnaire using the enabledWhen element.
At this time our team is considering another option for implementing the conditional logic in the questionnaire. The developer would submit the questionnaire, the API would process the questionnaire and depending on the answers may possibly add more questions and return it. What are the advantages of using enabledWhen over this type of solution?
Is there an easy way to generate the front end code if enabledWhen is used?

Also the current enabledWhen looks pretty simple, it doesn’t include ranges and >,<, AND, etc… Has anybody extended it ?


The Structured Data Capture project is working on an extension to enhance enableWhen capabilities - specifically to enable the use of FHIRPath to express more complex enableWhen scenarios. We’re also looking at a CDSHooks-based approach to generating custom QuestionnaireResponses that add additional uncompleted questions based on the answers to a partial response. Call information is here:
You can also participate in discussions here: