Questionnaire vs. Observation


I have to implement two questionnaires, where the result is a totalscore based on multiple subscores. I would like to save the totalscore, subscores and the questions related to the subscores. First of all I have been struggling for the choice of either Observation or Questionnaire/QuestionnaireResponse as a main resource. Do you have some inputs for this choice? Is it at all possible to save a totalscore in QuestionnaireResponse?
If it is possible to profile the two questionnaires as Observations or Questionnaire/QuestionnaireResponses what are the pros and cons for the choice?

Thanks in advance


QuestionnaireResponse is great for describing data capture. It lets you record exactly what the user saw, in what order as the data was captured and what their options were. However, it’s not great for subsequent query or analysis. Observation is good for data analysis and query, but doesn’t give you rigorous control over data capture. It’s entirely possible to use both - capture initially in a QuestionnaireResponse and then extract into one or more Observations (and sometimes other resources) with a “derivedFrom” relationship pointing back to the original QuestionnaireResponse.

In either case, you’d be able to capture the totals. For QuestionnaireResponse, it’d just be another question - possibly one using extensions to define the calculation. For Observation, it could be a separate Observation if each of the subscores are stand-alone meaningful observations in their own right, or it could be the Observation.value with the subscores as component values if the components aren’t meaningful on their own.