R4 EnrollmentRequest and Enrollmentresponse resource

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We’d like to use the enrollmentrequest and response resources in our current implementation of R4. I see this is a stub and in the draft state.
As an implementer what can we do to make this resource more generic, say for example, enrollment in a patient portal instead of restricting it to insurance only. It seemed to have been more generic in DSTU2.
Is there a forum/ process that can be initiated for review of this resource?

Here’s our use case:
We’re an oncology information system working with a number of patient portals. The patient, who is already registered in our HIS, is invited to join the portal- we send an enrollment request to the portal with all pertinent demographics including email of the patient. Portal invites the patient through the email provided. Patient enrolls in the portal through the portal invite email. We then asynchronously query the portal for all enrollment updates using a timestamp. This is the invite/register usecase. Once registered in the portal, other clinical info is exchanged using standard FHIR resources.
The enrollmentrequest/ response resources seem to fit very nicely into this workflow-
thanks to @Lloyd McKenzie for pointing me to these resources!

Two things to do - first, submit a formal request for change using the “propose a change” link at the bottom of any page in the spec. The second is to engage with the responsible work group. A link to their page is near the top of the resource page. From that page, you can join their conference calls, join their list server and/or email the co-chairs.

Thank you Lloyd! Starting on it now…