Readable FHIR metadata

First time poster. I did attempt to find this question/answer in previous posts. My apologies if this question has already been answered.

Using the FHIR EOB as a starting point, my end goal is to create a data dictionary with the FHIR element as the unit of observation and the element meta data (description, terminology binding, etc) as the column headers. The resulting output would be a CSV.

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If you go to any profile in an IG and change the “.html” of the URL to “.csv” or “.xlsx” you may get what you’re looking for. E.g. and then query or

The template should actually be including hyperlinks to these, but they got lost somehow. Links should be present in future releases.

This was helpful, thank you. I attempted to do the same for v3 but was not able to. Do you happen to know of a source for that as well?

Nope. The v3 models are XML, so you could write a transform, but there’s no standard way of doing it.