Real-life claim batch processing flow

In real-life claim submission use case the claims come in a batch.
For example,

  1. Submitter posts 1000 claims to FHIR Server (the bundle might contain related resourced referenced by claim resource)
  2. Receiver identifies somehow that there new 1000 claims on FHIR Server and gets them

What is the proper way to identify that there are new claims on FHIR Server? How to find out their ids (or identifiers) to read them out?

Submitter cannot send to Receiver the whole list of claim identifiers via some channel, since that is overcomplicated. But it could send just one id of the whole transmission, following which the receiver could find all claims.

However, claim resource does not have a reference to any resource like “Transmission” or something like that.

What is the best way to organize the batch interaction ? Is there any design pattern for that?

Thank you,

There are a number of different patterns defined on the workflow page. Possibilities include polling, publish-subscribe, using Task, direct messaging and a few other options. The various pros, cons and pre-conditions are discussed on the page.

Thanks , I am checking this out now. It takes time to understand :slight_smile: Thank you for your reply.