Real-time, event driven exchange of information between FHIR locations


I’m new here, so apologies if I am asking a question that has been asked before or if I am in the wrong place.

My company has an “XML Message Switch” (supports a publish/subscribe model as well as request/response interface and provides things such as security using certificate pinning, record filtering (to support “need to know”), etc.) as well as a flexible adapter for latching on to existing applications, allowing them to participate in the exchange environment. Used with other XML specifications, it can transfer up to millions of messages per hour.

Has such a thing been implemented in the FHIR world? If so, could you provide any pointers? If not, is this something the community has needed/wanted.

I know there is a REST interface and we would use it to interface into our adapter, so I am aware of it and have read a substantial amount of its documentation. This is something else.

Many thanks,
Rob Hutchison

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There’s certainly plenty of implementations of FHIR using some kind of message pipeline. We’ve generally said not much about it because there’s not been any interest in standardising the way it works across applications.

Because most of the use is internal to particular products, I don’t have any pointers to published documentation