Recorded date for legacy system data

In cases where data in one EHR has been imported from a health system’s former EHR system, is there a prescribed method for populating recordedDate/dateRecorded in the new EHR’s FHIR returns for resources like AllergyIntolerance and Condition? For example, should the recordedDate in the FHIR return reflect the created/imported date to the new EHR system or the original created/recorded date from the former EHR system? Or are we open to interpret which date is most accurate to the spec and clinically relevant to our use case?


  • Created/import date in the new system likely carries no clinical relevance, whereas the original created date in the old system corresponds to an encounter, measurement, etc. that’s recognizable to the patient and physician
  • Old system may not provide the original created date for ingestion into the new EHR system - then which date should be used?
  • Old system may still be active or archived for patients and providers to access via FHIR API - possible argument for new EHR’s endpoints reflecting the import/new created date, since old created date still accessible through the former system’s endpoints

Curious to get your thoughts and any references to this that might exist in the spec today.

it should be the clinically relevant date - that is, the old date. Resource.meta.lastUpdated would be the date of the record on the new system, if you care about that

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