Recording History of hospital visits

HI all,
I am a clinicians and new to FHIR. We do FHIR modelling for our clinical work flows and to support risk stratification for patient health risk.

We have 2 data point we would like to capture:

Actual “Hospital Visit” (imagine we would use “encounter” for this)
A "history of the number of hospital visits a patient has had (prior to onboarding with the company) - presume this would be more appropriately recorded as an “observation” resource perhaps?

You could expose historical encounters as well, but if all you’ve got is a count, then yes, Observation would be reasonable. It’s a point-in-time assertion

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What is the trigger point for your encounter creation. You can create either “Observations” or “Clinical impression” under the encounter. My suggestion is that “clinical impression” is more appropriate than “Observations” (Ref LH7 Fhir 5 draft documentation)

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Trigger is that it is a questionnaire asking a patient about his/her hospital history - so presume “clinical impression” not correct?

I assume we wouldnt necessarily have access to the patient past encounters sadly

Even if all you have is a patient, a date and a provider or a location, that’d be enough to create an Encounter record - you don’t necessarily have to have all of the information. ClinicalImpression wouldn’t be an appropriate place to capture a ‘count’ of past encounters.

Sorry, i think still I have not understand your exact user case. Can you please explain it with more details. Shall I aske few questions to get it clarify, it seems

  1. The patient registered and managed previously by some other provider.
  2. You didn’t have access to the patient’s past records.
  3. Patient came to your clinic for the 1st time.
  4. Your doing the patient assessment and record patient details.

Is that the scenario