Recurring Appointments

We would like to create recurring appointments which could be of various types:

  • Day - Can occur in every ‘n no. of days’ for ‘r no. of occurrences’ or ending of a give date.
  • Week - Can occur on ‘x and y days’ of every week for ‘r no. of occurrences’
  • Month- Can occur of specific days of the month.

We would need to pass the following information for storing the above information:

  • recurrence type
  • recurrence interval
  • no. of occurrence
  • days of week
  • recurrence end date.

What would be the correct models to support the above information?

May you check this post, to see if it might assist with your requirements? Although that post/question was more for a Schedule but maybe the same suggestion of creating an Appointment extension might what you need?

Also see which mentions that " Slot instances do not have any recurrence information included. If recurring information is desired, this will be managed outside these resources, or included as extensions. "

Sounds like an extension is the way to go here?

Thanks @blessed_tabvirwa1, new to the forum, wanted to make sure I did not miss anything. Looks like we need to extend.