Referencing a Questionnaire without a `url`

We have an app that can consume questionnaires json files. This app has several separate installations (on multiple hospitals). On import mandate that the questionnaires have a non-nil uri field. This makes it possible for the system to later update the imported questionnaires by using the uri when encountering new imports. An externally created questionnaire exported as JSON will then have the same uri (typically “uri:fdf583ae-c17a-11ec-94a2-e7adaade4036” or something like that) and hopefully a higher version number.

The issue for us is now how to tell which questionnaire was used to fill a given questionnaire response. We thought the uri would serve our needs fine, but then noticed that the references are to be canonical urls, which should be reachable/published through that url.

Making a “synthetic/fake” namespaced URL like “https://our-product-name/questionnaire/fdf583ae-c17a-11ec-94a2-e7adaade403|1.8” does not pass the requirement of being reachable. Our product is installed per-hospital, whereas the questionnaires are globally deployed, which is a bit of a mismatch, so we would need to setup a server just to host some static files to conform and at the same time would help no one, as we are currently the only ones consuming/referencing the questionnaire* resources, so doing so seems a bit far fetched.

Any recommendations here? To me a UUID as a reference, or even just the id would have served my needs just fine.

The operative word is “should”. It is nice when urls are both human-readable and resolve. But it’s not a hard requirement.

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