Relationship of CodeSystem and ValueSet in an IG

When Validating my payloads against my profiles I am getting this error:

“Code ‘G’ from system ‘’ does not exist in valueset ‘’”

ePrescribing Service Bus IG - This is the profile for my MedicationRequest and an element in there references this ValueSet.

ePrescribing Service Bus IG - This is a link to the Extension. You can see here that it is binding to a ValueSet of the same name.
A symptom of my issue is that this page references this URL which is invalid. the correct url being: ePrescribing Service Bus IG. Notice after ValueSet the first link has a slash / and the second a dash -. I am sure this is a symptom of my issue, I just can’t find where I have made a mistake in my IG.

The value set link doesn’t resolve, so hard to help diagnose.

And I think this is the source of my problem, I just don’t know enough about how the HTML is generated to determine why some pages reference one of the URL’s below, and some reference the working one.