Representing assessment scale


I’m trying to represent multiple questions where a patient can choose 0 to 5 as a value. Visually the question as a description next to the lowest and highest values, describing their meaning.

I already defined a Value Set resource to re-use on each of the questions, however I still am unable to figure out how to represent the text for the explanation above. I understand that it is possible to add a text to each item, being each of these items a question with the choices being the value sets defined earlier, but how to I represent the two parts of the text? Do I use the document’s text parameter, defining in HTML there each of the questions? or is there a parameter inside the item where I can place a text associated with the values?


It sounds like you should be using a Questionnaire. Check out the rendering section of the SDC implementation guide. Specifically, the itemControl extension and the lower and upper bound descritions for Questionnaire display items. Your question itself would have a type of integer. You’d also use extensions to set your upper and lower boundaries. (And if you wanted, could choose to have the control be a slider, spinner or something else.)

Thanks for the answer, I did forget to mention I was already looking at the Questionnaires. However I hadn’t seen that implementation guide yet or the itemControl extension. It does seem to solve my problems.

Thanks again for the quick response.