Representing CDA Immunization Info with FHIR resources

Hi, I have some questions about transforming / representing immunizations from a CDA document to FHIR resources.

In my CDA I have antibody determinations:
Are those partly represented in FHIR with the ImmunizationEvaluation and the Immunization resource? Should the result details from the analysis be included in the ImmunizationEvaluation and if the immunization is still active/valid, then also in the Immunization resource?

Secondly, diseases which lead to immunization (for example measles), are also allowed to be inserted into the Immunization resource, correct?

Thanks in advance!

the topic was also discussed in Recording immunization without vaccine
so should such cases (diseases which lead to immunization, or serology test results) always be managed as Conditions and Observations?

For my use case:
I’m trying to generate an International Patient Summary and in this case, I would have only Immunization entries in the Immunization section, and thus not any Observations and Conditions, which could also be potentially represented as immunizations

I would think that the advice from the other post still holds, the Immunization resource is about the vaccination event or someone actively noting that a vaccination event didn’t happen (perhaps due to history of disease or serology results - which would still be Conditions or Observations). ImmunizationEvaluation is about comparing a patient’s immunization events against a defined set of recommendations to see if the patient has met the recommendations and is “complete” with regard to the recommendations.