Representing Q2J2 as a FHIR timing

What’s the canonical way of representing the code QJ<day#> from this code chart as a FHIR timing? At first I was thinking it should be a frequency of 1 per period of 2 weeks, on Tuesday. But that seems to conflict with the medication request example here. Is there a correct way to represent this timing? I’m trying to produce structured timings from codes in hl7 2.5 messages.

The medication example was “4 times per day”. The dayOfWeek=Mon then further constrained to “4 times per day, but only on Mondays”.

If you have a frequency that says “1 time every 2 weeks”, a dayOfWeek=Tue would still further constraint to say “but only on Tuesdays” - which can only be reasonably interpreted as “every 2nd Tuesday”. In short, your proposed representation is correct.