Resource for a General Reminder

Hi there,

I’m looking for a resource that supports a Reminder. This could be a reminder to do a random task, take a medication, call someone or exercise etc.

The closest thing I can find is Task, but is missing the information about repeat type below.

Some things I would like to fill out:
Who created
note section
author type (patient practitioner)
created at
updated at
repeat type: Weekly, daily, monthly, hourly
repeat interval (how many times to repeat, possibly infinite)
start date
end date



Task is appropriate for a reminder of a specific Task. The order that indicates what is to be done would generally be a ServiceRequest or a MedicationRequest - which would indicate the repeat interval, quantity, dose, etc. You could either send a Task for each occurrence - e.g. one Task for the morning pill, one for the evening pill each day, or you could send a less regular Task that included a reference to the Request that describes the timing of what’s to be done. The third option is to just send a copy of the overall Request authorization.