Resource modeling strategy for handling user data

Hi all,

What are some preferred strategies for modeling non-clinical user details, setting/preferences and access policies in FHIR?

We’d love to avoid two data stores (FHIR and another for user info) to reduce complexity, but we are struggling with the modeling. Any help would be much appreciated!

The FHIR model has been focused on resources that are unique to the healthcare data model. Concepts like User are already RESTful concepts in general IT, and these users would likely be accessing data beyond just FHIR data. Thus we have decided to leverage standards rather than re-invent them.

That said, Practitioner is a general resource for anyone carrying out some role. Thus you might chose to use Practitioner and PractionerRole in the way you are describing. However this will require that you have some binding between your user model and this model that is a secure strength.