Resource Registration

Can someone explain more about the registration process for extensions, structure definitions, and implementation guides? I am particularly interested in setting up my own internal “registry”. For example,
I would like to have http:/ Is there a reference that describes how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

It’s really just a question of having a web server that will respond to requests at that address. If you want the behavior to be ‘ideal’, it would pay attention to the ‘Accept’ header of the requesting system and return the syntax (and even the FHIR version) requested. But that’s not essential to meet the conformance requirement of the definition being “available”.

Hi Lloyd, thanks so much for the reply. I have an IG compiled and the output of my resources is currently in a StructureDefinition-name.html format but I would like this to also be StructureDefinition/Name. Can you give me guidance on how to set this please?

This is set in the file config.json in the template that the IG uses. That file isn’t currently documented