Resources for scheduling use case

Hello, I am starting to explore the use case of: a) a patient requesting an appointment and b) a practitioner accepting the patient’s request.

Since I am new to the topic, does anybody know which resources may be important to consider? So far I found Appointment and ServiceRequest may be applicable, but what exactly is the difference/relationship between them?

Thanks in advance!

ServiceRequest represents the order/authorization for a service to happen. It might be a referral, a lab requisition, an order for physiotherapy, etc. An appointment involves booking a slot for one or more resources (people, places, devices) to perform some sort of action. An appointment is often one of the steps taken in satisfying a service request. I.e. first there’s an order for something to happen, then someone books a timeslot for when it should happen, then it actually happens.

Appointment acceptance is tracked using AppointmentResponse. Essentially an Appointment gets created, then all of the invited people create AppointmentResponses to indicate their acceptance of the booked slot.

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This makes everything more clear, I will explore the AppointmentResponse resource but I think that is what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

Thanks for this explanation Lloyd