Resources related to "time period" in a report

Currently, I need to store some stroke data in FHIR and I figure out the following mapping:
“Patient” for patient information
“Location” for Unit / Bed No.
“Practitioner” for Doctor in charge
“Encounter” for date of Admission / Discharge

And I would like to put them into “DiagnosticReport” so that each patient for one Report.
However, there are some records I am confusing for storing them under “DiagnosticReport”, which is:

Quality evaluation data such as time period of Lab, time period of patient consult, time period from patient got sick to patient admission.

Any suggestion for putting them into a resource which can connect with “DiagnosticReport” ?

Thank you

The durations would typically be captured as Observation values.

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Thank you very much Lloyd. I appreciate your time and your help with this.