RetroFHIR - A Simple, Complete and Type-safe FHIR Client for Android and Java

RetroFHIR is a complete FHIR (STU3) client implemented using Gson serialization and Square’s Retrofit REST client scheme.

GitHub: (and GsonFHIR)

Using this client you can easily compose interactions with any FHIR-server as follows:

Select a Bundle of FHIR DocumentReferences by a specified patient-id and document status:

    .setParameter("patient.identifier", "patientId") 
    .search(new retrofit2.Callback<Bundle>() {
        public void onResponse(Call<Bundle> call,  Response<Bundle> response) {
              // TODO – Process the Bundle of DocumentReferences

RetroFHIR utilizes a basic “builder” scheme (composer) and for each resource there is a requester (interactor) that hosts every FHIR action (read, vread, search, etc.), resource-specific parameter “setters” and even provides support for parameter prefixes and modifiers.

GsonFHIR is a stand-alone library that you can use if you simply want to use Gson to serialize/de-serialize FHIR JSON data (including the entire set of FHIR resources and associated data objects).

I’ll be at the Boston FHIR Dev Days 2018 conference … feel free to reach out ( if you are on-premisis and would like to see an Android-based demo of this client library in person.