Reversed Claims

If i get a processed claim and the same claim as reversed how and where do i show that in the FHIR resource in EOB or Claim repsonse?

Claim.status would be ‘cancelled’.

Thanks for that…but what if i get same claim twice first time with paid and the second time with reversed payment? Should we show as 2 different jsons?

No more than you would receiving the same order twice, first time active, second time cancelled. It’s possible there will be two financial transaction records associated with the claim - one with payment and one with reversal, but it’s the same “claim” instance in both cases, just different versions.

Thats awesome this clarifies my question, so there will 2 jsons one with active and the other with cancelled.
Thanks much.

It depends what you’re doing. If you just do a ‘read’ on the Claim, you’ll get the current version - cancelled. If you do a ‘history’, you’ll get all past versions (possibly including draft versions). If you’re dealing with messaging, you could get a wide variety of things.