Save snapshot to retrieve the exact information available in a particular moment

Hello, suppose this situation:

Day 1:
In a medical care system a practitioner inputs some fhir resources ( r1 and r2 )

Day 2:
In the same medical care system The practitioner input the resource r3 and removes r2. ( remaining resources: r1, r3)

Day 3:
The practitioner needs to retrieve all the “Day 1” information but that information was modified in “Day 2”

Could I use the Composition resource to save a snapshot of “Day 1” medical care in order to retrieve the exact information that was available in that day (r1 and r2)?

I was planning to use the Composition resource in the following way:

Day 1
Resources: r1, r2, ( the system creates composition1)

composition1.section.mode = ‘snapshot’
composition1.section.entry = [r1Reference, r2Reference]

Day 2
Resources: r1, r3, ( the system creates composition2)

composition2.section.mode = ‘snapshot’
composition2.section.entry = [r1Reference, r3Reference]

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That’s something you could do. That said, you might want to look at supporting history - that would allow you to re-assemble what content looked like at any particular point in time. (And wouldn’t have the overhead of tons of documents containing snapshots of things that hadn’t necessarily changed.)


In this case, we were planning to use the versioned reference of each resource, was that what you meant?
Or somehow have a date based filter in the resources that returned the most recent version giving that date?

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If you use the history, you can use the _at parameter to retrieve the specific snapshot of a resource as it was at a particular point in time.