Schedules for multiple Practitioners in multiple Locations

We are migrating data from an existing system and were a bit confused about the best approach to represent schedules with multiple practitioners in multiple locations.

In the existing system a schedule is a block of time where a practitioner is available for a certain appointment type in a given location.
e.g. Dr Bob spends every Tuesday 8-12 meeting new patients at Sunshine Medical Centre
We would need to support multiple practitioners, in multiple locations at different times.

But since the Slot doesn’t have any way to indicate the Practitioner or the Location, this information has to live in a Schedule.
So we could create a Schedule for the Location, and a Schedule for the Practitioner, but a Slot can only reference a single Schedule.

It seems the only way to do this is to create a Schedule for the combination of a Practitioner and Location.

The spec seems to support this:
“In the case where a single resource can provide different services, potentially at different location, then the schedulable resource is considered the composite of the actors.”

actor: [{ Reference(Practitioner) }, Reference(Location)]

Is our understanding correct?

thank you,

Hi Andrew,

I believe your understanding to be correct, see the examples provided from the link you shared under the examples section; there are 2 examples provided that address your use case.

Hope that helps?

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