Search all Tokens values or Attribute values from a given Fhir model Object

Hi There,

I am working on a requirement where I have to get all the token or attribute values from a given FHIR model Object, it could be a bundle, Organization or a Patient.

e.g based on path, I have to get the value of this token :

Now I am thinking of using methods from SearchParamRegistryDstu3 from package ca.uhn.fhir.jpa.dao.dstu3.
Am I going in the right direction or there is something else which I should explore?


It’s not clear in what context you are trying to do this. You have an object, and you want to extract data, or you want to search on a server? if the former, you need to look at FHIRPath

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I have an object and I want to extract data on basis on Fhirpath

My Objective is to use below method to get all the attribute values of a FHIR object along with there path so I am trying to extract all token values from ca.uhn.fhir.jpa.dao.dstu3.SearchParamExtractorDstu3

extractSearchParamTokens(entity, modelObject);