[Search] _filter usage, SearchParam allowed : created Search Param & Location.near

Hi everyone, I have a small question about the usage of _filter for the FHIR Search.
On the FHIR spec, it is written that it works on “standard parameters” Search_filter - FHIR v4.3.0 → it means that if we create new SearchParameter, we are not FHIR-compliant if we use them in the _filter ?

I also saw that the near parameter is not implemented in HAPI using the _filter (see my question here : Zulip).
It should work according to the spec, am I wrong ?

You can use custom search parameters. You could create a Jira issue with the spec to clarify that. And near should be implemented, but it’s not a light amount of work, so maybe you want to make a PR implementing it?

Thanks Grahame :slight_smile:

I published the issue there : Log in - Jira

I imagine that implementing near and _filter is a lot of work, we will think about implementing it by ourselves and make a PR !

Thanks a lot for your help