Search prefix: "simple intent" vs. "ranges"

Hi team,

Reading the prefixes section for search capability, there are two interpretations but I am not sure when to use which.

In the number section (, 100 is interpreted as with range [99.5 … 100.5), and 100.00 is interpreted as with range [99.995 … 100.005) so searching on number field should also be interpreted as range? If so, which formula do we pick to check for range? For example, let’s say I have a value stored in the document as 100 and my search parameter has [parameter]=eq100.00. According to the example given in the number section, this should be false because the range for 100.00, which is [99.995 … 100.005) does not fully contain the range for 100, which is [99.5 … 100.5).

Are we supposed to use the number of significant figures from the search parameter to calculate the range for both search parameter and target value?


In my server, I would call that a match because the range [99.995…1.005) overlaps with the range 99.5…100.5.

Thanks Grahame,

However, according to the definition of “eq”, “the range of the search value fully contains the range of the target value” not overlaps with the range so won’t it be false in this case?