Search query to fetch patient with Linked care team

Hi, My scenarios is:
Care Team has subject Group resource & Group resource has member as Patient
Now I need to fetch all patients with related careTeam details

I have derived query to fetch all patient for a CareTeam

GET {{baseUrl}}/Patient?organization.identifier=1256987&_revinclude=RelatedPerson:patient&_has:Group:member:_has:CareTeam:subject:_id=150389fd-2f66-4aa9-b24d-7ad22e4170a8

but how can I fetch all the patient with linked careTeam details

In theory you could use &_revinclude:iterate=CareTeam:subject&_revinclude=Group:member:Patient

Whether you’ll find any servers that actually support that is more questionable.

You are awesome lloyd, this works for me.