Sending patient data from FHIR


I’m very new to FHIR and am trying to find out if a pharmacy using a could based system running FHIR can send an API call via XML or URL to our database?

I can provide further details if needed.



Further details would be helpful :slight_smile:

Hi Lloyd,

We’re a healthcare business and we need to receive notifications to our system running QuickBase, from a pharmacy running SuiteRX, which uses the HL7 protocol, if that’s what it’s considered. I can provide XML or URL API code to their end that will update our system when they process a prescription.

I’m trying to figure out if this is something that can be done. I haven’t worked on a project that involved HL7, so I’m not familiar with it to know what my options are.

Thanks for your help.

“The HL7 protocol” could mean many things, but typically refers to the HL7 v2 standard. (If you’re dealing with inpatient or institutional care, that’s almost certainly what it is.) There is an XML standard for HL7 v2, though it’s not widely used. FHIR certainly could be used to support exchange of pharmacy information, but you’d have to look at both systems to see if they support it.

Thanks Lloyd, that helps. I know what needs to be sent my direction, but I’m not familiar with their end to be sure what needs to be done there. It sounds like it’s doable though, I’ll keep digging.

Thanks again,