Server side search by extension

Hello! I am currently trying to add an extension as custom search parameter to a ServiceRequest Resource Provider.

Are there any code examples on how to implement such a search on the server (and client side), or could you point me to where it is documented on how to do so?

Thanks a lot!

The answer will vary depending on the server in question. Some servers will automatically support custom SearchParameters just by registering the SearchParameter instances in a particular place. Others provide a plug-in location to add code. Others would require significant software development. You’ll need to pursue with the developer of your particular server.

Implementing a search parameter on the client side is just a question of adding the correct bit to the URL. Some of the open source implementations provide helper classes to call searches and you could create a custom helper class following the same pattern to handle your new search parameter if you’re leveraging a reference implementation that happens to do that.

Hello lloyd, thanks for taking the time to answer! I was in a bit of a hurry yesterday, so my post lacked some detail.

I am the developer of the server side, I am using the hapi fhir server for java in spring boot and I am wondering how to actually implement the search parameter. At the moment I am extending the ServiceRequest class (essentially creating a custom version of the resource) to add the extension parameters, though I am wondering if that is the intended way to do it.

If you have specific HAPI questions, best to ask them on their Google Group or on FHIR Community