ServiceRequest or ReferralRequest


Trying to profile a referral, I found the ReferralRequest resource to be useful, however I am not sure if it is used (anymore?). In the profile editor Forge, there is a reference from EpisodeOfCare.referralRequest to a ReferralRequest resource, but on the FHIR webpage the reference in this element is to a ServiceRequest resource. The ServiceRequest resource, I cannot find in Forge (nor is it used on the HAPI FHIR test server). Is the ReferralRequest resource not used anymore, and should I use ServiceRequest instead? I can see that there are differences between the two resources. Do you have any experiences with which resource to use?

Thanks in advance!

ReferralRequest was the name used in the DSTU2 and STU3 versions of the FHIR specification. It was renamed to ServiceRequest when it was merged with ProcedureRequest in R4. Forge currently does not support R4, but should soon. HAPI does support R4, though you need to use the right version of HAPI. As to which is correct, it depends which version of FHIR you’re trying to support.