Would you please guide me how I can get a complete list of foods , allergies and medications of SNOMED ?
The list that is provided in FHIR website is not complete.
I have searched in SNOMED browser but I couldn’t get the whole list.
I would appreciate it if you help me.

It’s entirely possible that some of the codes you’re interested in don’t exist in SNOMED CT. If you have a concept you need that doesn’t exist, you may have to reach out to your national terminology authority to ask them to request codes for additional concepts.

For your reference, the searches in SNOMED CT international edition for foods, allergies and medications are:

I’d like to mention that while Lloyd’s links are correct, there is no place you should combine the set of concepts returned from that into one unified set linked to one data element because foods and Medications are semantically typed as substances and the allergies are findings. Plus while SNOMEDCT substances can be used to represent useful things (foods), in SNOMEDCT medications are better represented using the product hierarchy if at all possible.

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