SNOMED terms definition

Hello, is there anyone who knows if I can find descriptions for SNOMED terms. I was trying to translate the terms. But some are just a few words and I am not able to understand what some of them mean.

This is really a question for the SNOMED community.

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Some comment here: - Ask your national release center

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Can a dive into the SNOMED-CT Browser help you ?

Do you have an example of a problematic term ?

Thanks for your response. I just realized that the best way to fully understand the meaning of the SNOMED term is to look for their relationship on the Browser. But still there are several confusing terms, which might be caused by the big diversity and board range of medical terms. For instance: 651003 Root work. I couldn’t find any medical definition for that. Seeing at the parent of this term, it might be some psychological condition or symptom.

Looks like you chose a particulary psychiatric disease.
Refsets info refer to ICD :

The free browser doesn’t have a clear description of the code.
Maybe you can have access to the comple SNOMED-CT.

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