Some canonical urls could not be resolved

Hello, I made patient resourse and add two identifiers. After I changed their type, I got the following error:

Some canonical urls could not be resolved.
You’re probably missing a package or made a typo in your canonical.

  • Could not resolve: PassportRFType
  • Could not resolve: MHIPolicyType

Link to resource:

I will be very grateful for the help

Hi Artem!

The current version of the resource you’ve linked to seems to Validate without issues: Validation Result - SIMPLIFIER.NET. Perhaps you have updated the resource since the above post?

I see in older versions (SIMPLIFIER.NET - Diff Page) you have referred to a profile named PassportRFType. will then try to find a profile with that canonical, which it expects to be in either your project or one of its dependencies.

Perhaps it would be useful to have a look at how others are implementing a national patient identifier in their Patient profile: