Source system and organization info using FHIR Operations

We are using /POST / PUT operation sending fhir resources as Patient, Encounter, … When we receive such resource on the server side , we need to know the origin system , organization etc which is sending such resource to us.

We have seen fhir MessageHeader resource which contains such info, but its use force to use Bundle (with a MessageHeader and a Patient for instance) so we need to change all the apps which are using /POST /PUT … with simple resources.

Is there any fhir standard way to manage this without using bundle ? Maybe some http header or any other alternative

there’s 2 options: putting a json provenance resource in the headers (X-Provenance), or using a Meta.source - but that’s only new in R4. Else you could use an extension for something similar to Meta.source in previous versions

Please, could you provide any simple & minimal example with X-Provenance header which contains system and organization source data ?